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Two #GUR Intercept Calls – “half of the platoon was killed yesterday” (English Translation)

GUR Intercept Call – “we lost one village, another we gave away ourselves” (English Translation)

MriyaReport News – Anna and Viktoriia, Ukrainians from Mariupol

#GUR Intercept Call – “We were in an encirclement” (English Translation)

The #SBU Interview Two Captured russian Soldiers (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “Also Akhmat power f*cked off, f*cking cowards” (English Translation)

2 #GUR Intercept Calls – “Here’s no organisation at’s not an army” (English Translation)

#GUR InterceptCall – “we put a magazine into him..he gets up and still..shoots” (English Translation)

SBU Intercept Call – “I know it’s scary, honey. But you need to hold on” (English Translation)

Ukrainian Soldiers Engaging russian positions in the Kharkiv Region