Mobilized russian Soldiers Issued with Rusty AK47s and Automatic Gun Fire at a Protest against Mobilization in Dagestan, russia

#SBU Intercept Call – “Well, who will prove – Who voted where, tell me?” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “They are all writing to putin to remove him from power” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “They didn’t find his head..only found his arms and legs” (English Translation)

3 #GUR Intercept Calls – “Zelensky’s already dancing in Izyum. It’s f*cked up” (English Translation)

3 #GUR Intercept Calls – “They’re just throwing us away like meat, that’s all” (English Translation)

#SBU Intercept Call – “You…either get a…firing squad, or you can fight.” (English Translation)

3 #GUR Intercept Calls – “What sleep? There’s a f*cking breakthrough going on here” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “Where are we going to go?! The ukrops are everywhere!” (English Translation)

Two Intercept Calls (#GUR and #SBU) – “Where are my boots?! From a dead body?!” (English Translation)