2 #GUR Intercept Calls – “It’s bad there, I see mothers are already organizing” (English Translation)

4 #GUR Intercept Calls – “we’ve already got the commander, his deputy..wounded” (English Translation)

2 #GUR Intercept Calls – “they don’t want to carry out a combat mission” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “You see, they don’t give a damn about people” (English Translation)

3 #GUR Intercept Calls – “And the locals, there are locals who rat, obviously” (English Translation)

3 #GUR Intercept Calls – “what the f*ck are people’s tactics?” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “I’m standing 2.5 kilometres away from the Ukrops” (English Translation)

3 #GUR Intercept Calls – “Fine, we beat the sh*t out of officers” (English Translation)

#SBU – Drone takes out russian BMP (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “No one will let them go…the holes shouldn’t be empty” (English Translation)