Last Updated – September 19, 2016



One response to “9/11

  1. Tats are going to be SO Un-cool very soon .as people try to dnicaste themselves away from the New Labour bubble .I 100% agree with Max, as someone whom saw the Sex Pistols live in Manchester & spoke to them afterwards i agree that Grass roots Art is needed.As an ex rioter myself (Toxtheth 81) I wonder WHY we have not seen any major riots. Partly its because people have been allowed to borrow as much as they like but i think its the video game geration ..every year @ Xmas i go to visit Mum, & every year the Kids would be up & down the street riding brand new Bikes they got for Xmas.Well One year, no kids!, no new bikes??????I found one kid by himself on a new bike & asked him where his mates where? They all got Nitendo’s this year, they at home eating chessy puffs playing games .So this poor Losser (Whom grew up fit & healty) was left to get fit on his bike, while the others were being taught to be come Fat SOBS incabable of bugger all .expect living in imaginey Worlds .& eating Cheesy puffs!Hence, when i see Iraq people getting killing i get pissed, while the Nintendo generation do bugger all!Max, the only hope is IF the Cheesy puffs run out or GAME OVER suddenly appears infront of them.Mike

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