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2 Intercepted Calls – “all the young woman we f*cked, killed, shot” (English Translation)

2 #GUR Intercept Calls – “It’s like a f*cking prison in the hospital” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “They gave me a Soviet nightlight, the one from 64” (English Translation)

#SBU Intercept Call – “You’d be better off in Syria” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “A…child must be choked in the womb..I will be doing it” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “We’re being made into cannon fodder” (English Translation)

2 #GUR Intercept Calls – “All that talk here, in short, it’s all bullsh*t” (English Translation)

2 #GUR Intercept Calls – “a tank, our tank hit us…17…got killed” (English Translation)

2 Intercept Calls – “The tank is ours, the crew is Ukrainian. They f*ck us up” (English Translation)

#GUR Intercept Call – “Three retards got drunk…they were shot in the legs” (English Translation)