American double standards on Human Rights abuse

“US President Barack Obama has ordered for the first time sanctions against senior Iranian officials for “sustained and severe violations of human rights”.  The eight men include the head of the Revolutionary Guards, a former interior minister and the prosecutor general.  The treasury department said they would face a travel ban and asset freeze.  The alleged abuses include the killings and beatings of anti-government protesters after the disputed presidential election in June 2009.” BBC News

American torture

Waterboarding begins by placing a suspect on a table with the suspect’s feet slightly elevated, said Kiriakou, who was waterboarded several years ago as part of his CIA training. He said he elected not to learn how to perform the technique, which is designed to emulate the sensation of drowning.  Once a suspect is secured on the table, interrogators wrap his or her face in a cellophane-like material, Kiriakou said. Watch journalist undergo, discuss waterboarding. “There is a bladder, or a water source, above the head with water pouring down on the mouth, so no water is going into your mouth, but it induces a gag reflex and makes you feel like you’re choking,” Kiriakou said. Watch the ex-agent describe the procedure.  Kiriakou said he lasted only a few seconds during his training because his body felt like it was seizing up almost immediately.  “It’s entirely unpleasant,” Kiriakou said. “You are so full of tension that you tense up, your muscles tighten up. It’s very uncomfortable.” – CNN News

Craig Murray – Torture 1 of 7 Murray – Torture 3 of 7

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