MI6 spook did NOT die alone: Police certain he was padlocked in bag by someone else

The MI6 spy whose naked body was found in a sports bag in his bath could not have died alone, police believe.  They are now certain he was padlocked into the large holdall by someone else.  Gareth Williams, 31, who was working on secondment for MI6, was alive when he got into – or was forced into – the bag and died from suffocation.  There were no injuries on his body to suggest a struggle and police have still not ruled out the possibility that his death was the culmination of a bizarre sex game that went wrong.

But in another mysterious twist, the Mail can reveal that the outer door to Mr Williams’s flat in Pimlico, Central London, had apparently been locked from the outside when police arrived on the scene.  Detectives have now intensified their search for a Mediterranean couple known to have been with Mr Williams in the weeks before his death. They are understood to have had a set of keys to the flat.  The disclosures come after a month of frenzied speculation about what happened in the flat last month, including theories that Mr Williams committed suicide alone.  But as the head of MI6 attended Mr Williams’s funeral near his family home in North Wales yesterday, the Daily Mail can reveal that this line of inquiry has been discounted.

We can also reveal that there is no evidence to support claims that Mr Williams was a cross-dresser, that bondage equipment was found at his home, that a laptop was missing from the flat, or that he had reported to spy bosses that he was being followed.Nor, as was claimed in one report, was any suspicious liquid found next to his body in the sports bag.  Police have also dismissed allegations of irregularities in his finances and there is no evidence that Mr Williams had committed any criminal acts.

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