Pathologist says David Kelly’s death ‘textbook suicide’

The death of Iraq weapons expert David Kelly was a “textbook case” of suicide according to the pathologist who performed the post-mortem examination.” BBC NEWS

A Detective who attended the scene of Dr David Kelly’s death reports that there was not much blood present which throws up some serios questions about the cause of death.  Mr Coe who is now retired from the police said that he and other police officers were ordered to search Dr David Kelly’s home for documents of a “sensitve nature” and that this was done shortly after Dr Kelly’s body was found.

Two paramedics who attended the scene confirmed the lack of blood while later the Hutton Inquiry states the cause of death to be from loss of blood.  You have to ask yourself where did all that blood go? Mr Coe recounts: “We were looking for documents relating to Iraq. No one knew whether he kept any papers of a sensitive nature at home. We had to search. If someone writes a suicide note, you’ll find it. We were looking for politically sensitive documents.”

However Mr Coe does not suspect any foul play and believe this was a suicide.  Rather strange considering that a man bleeds to death without leaving much blood at the scene.  To me it seems Dr David Kelly did not die at the scene and was transported there after his death. Furthermore, just days before his death Dr kelly attended an inquiry into the leaking of a Government document which exposed the “sexing up” of a report into the need to attack Iraq.  Dr kelly said during the inquiry  “I will probably be found dead in the woods.”

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