Government increases Fear Level to “Severe”

The Home Office has changed their threat Level from “substantial – an attack is a strong possibility” to “severe – an attack is highly likely”.

The current threat level from international terrorism is Severe

This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

The terrorist threat level specific to major UK transport hubs has been raised from substantial to severe. The move includes airports and London railway terminals, although there is no suggestion of any intelligence of an imminent attack. The BBC has seen a letter to aviation chiefs saying there are indications al-Qaeda “may be considering an attack”. The threat to the UK overall remains where it has been for the past year at the second-highest level, “severe”. Security officials say the upgraded threat level for major UK transport hubs is precautionary. The overall national threat level at severe means a terrorist attack is highly likely. Officials say if there was any intelligence of an imminent threat or a plot under way the threat level would be raised to its highest level, “critical”. Beneath this are a series of threat levels for specific sectors of the national infrastructure which are not normally made public.

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