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This school is with a majority of illiterate students that are in a genocide country. The teachers are illiterate. The debt that is in charge is illegal. I don’t trust in god. First Amendment – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Fifth Amendment – No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. Section 10 – Powers prohibited of States (Gold and Silver) No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility. Section 8 – To promote the

Profile: Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, near the district she has represented for over four years. The 40-year-old is described as a trailblazer – the youngest woman elected to Arizona’s state senate, the first Jewish representative from the state and its third female to be elected to Congress. She is married to an astronaut, Mark Kelly, who has two children from an earlier marriage. Ms Giffords, a Democrat, is proud of her south-western roots, professing her love of trucks and motorcycles, having served as co-chair of the motorcycle caucus on Capitol Hill. She has said one of her dreams is to ride a motorbike to Argentina. One of her first acts in Congress was to push for a national day in recognition of cowboys. She is also a gun owner. Ms Giffords began her career working for the family tyre company after her father fell ill. At the time she was a registered Republican with no political ambitions. She sold the business before running for state office. A former Fulbright scholar who studied in Mexico, she has a masters degree in urban planning from prestigious Cornell University, a member of the so-called Ivy League. Considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, The New York Times predicted that Ms Giffords would one day run for Arizona’s governorship.

Robert Reich, who served as President Bill Clinton’s labour secretary in the 1990s, once told the Arizona Republic newspaper that she could run for the highest office in the land. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the first or second female president of the United States. She’s of that caliber,” he said. Ms Giffords was elected to the Arizona legislature in 2000, when she was just 30. After two years in the state House of Representatives, Ms Giffords successfully ran for the state senate where she served for six years. She resigned in order to run for national office. She is well known in her district for holding hundreds of meetings there each year. She met her husband – Nasa astronaut Mark Kelly, who has piloted the space shuttles Endeavour and Discovery – on a fellowship programme for young US and Chinese leaders in 2003. The couple married in 2007, and her wedding ring is inscribed: “You’re the closest to heaven that I’ve ever been.”

He flew from his Houston base to be at her hospital bedside on Saturday. Capt Kelly – who is reportedly training to be the next commander of a space shuttle mission scheduled for April – has a twin brother who is also an astronaut serving aboard the International Space Station. Politically, Ms Giffords is a centrist, as are most Democrats from her state. She is part of the blue dog caucus in the House of Representatives, a group of fiscally conservative, moderate Democrats. She upset Arizona conservatives by supporting President Barack Obama’s health-care reform bill, a move which landed her on Sarah Palin’s list of politicians to remove from office in the mid-terms last November. She faced a tough challenge from a Tea Party candidate, Jesse Kelly, but won by a narrow margin of just 4,000 votes.

Although she voted against President George W Bush’s economic bail-out bill in 2008 – the bill ultimately failed – she voted for Mr Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act the following year. Ms Giffords has advocated for immigration reform, and supported legislation that included a guest worker programme and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants – measures that are deeply opposed by most conservatives. She has also expressed support for alternative energy, in particular, solar power. Ms Giffords is passionate about military issues and served on the Armed Services Committee. Military contractors are a big employer in her district. She has been deeply engaged in military issues, helping craft the GI bill which assists veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict in obtaining college degrees.  Paul Rieckhoff, executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said she was “a huge voice for veterans and the military”. During the last Congress she chaired the space and aeronautics committee.

American congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in head

At least 11 others including some of her staff members were reported to have been injured, some seriously, and six people have died. Surgeons told a press conference that they were “very optimistic” that Miss Giffords would survive. Miss Giffords’ aide was reportedly killed in the attack, as was federal Judge John Roll. Some reports said a child may have been injured. Miss Giffords, 40, who is married to astronaut Mark Kelly, was talking to a couple outside a Safeway grocery store when the attacker ran up and opened fire indiscriminately. The gunman was named by police as Jared Loughner, 22. Andrea Gooden, an eyewitness who was working across the road from the scene, said: “I heard about 15 shots. Then there were people racing across the parking lot.” She said there were many sheriffs and firefighters on the scene within minutes. A respected US website reported another eye-witness, Steven Rayle, who was on the scene at the time of the shooting and helped to hold the suspect down while waiting for police. He told “The event was very informal: Giffords had set up a table outside the Safeway and about 20-30 people were gathered to talk to her. The gunman, who may have come from inside the Safeway, walked up and shot Giffords in the head first.” According to Mr Rayle, who is a former Accident and Emergency doctor, Giffords was able to move her hands after being shot. Miss Giffords had been named in March as a political campaign target for conservatives in November’s elections by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for her strong support for the health reforms of President Barack Obama.

Mrs Palin had published a “target map” on her website using images of gun sights to identify 20 House Democrats, including Miss Giffords, for backing the new health care law.  The congresswoman, who is Jewish, is a gun-owner and supporter of the right to bear arms. She was also a strong advocate of abortion rights. She won re-election to her third term in Congress last year, beating off a challenge for a Republican candidate endorsed by the Tea Party. Law enforcement officials told local media that a suspect was in custody. Witnesses said that the gunman was tackled to the ground by a bystander as he attempted to flee the scene of the shooting. Miss Giffords, who was first elected to Congress in 2006 and was re-elected for a third time in November, had just returned from Washington to Arizona after being sworn in to the new House. She had sent a message on the social networking site Twitter inviting constituent to a “Congress on Your Corner” event. “Please stop by to let me know what is on your mind or tweet me later,” she wrote. In a message earlier in the day, she said: “So good to be home. Happy New Year!”  Her husband, who she married three years ago, is a veteran of the Desert Storm military campaign against Iraq and he has two children from his first marriage. A veteran of three spaceflights and a highly popular member of Nasa’s astronaut corps, he had been due to command the last scheduled flight of the space shuttle programme in April, aboard the space shuttle Endeavour.

His identical twin, Scott Kelly, also an astronaut, is currently stationed 220 miles above Earth aboard the International Space Station. Born in Tucson, Miss Giffords was a target of conservative Republican campaigning for her enthusiastic backing of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms and last year complained that her office in Tucson had been attacked by vandals. It is believed to be the first time that a woman politician has been the object of an assassination attempt in America, a country where elected leaders have often been the subject of attacks. US President Abraham Lincoln was shot dead while at the theatre with his wife in 1865. Another US president, James Garfield, was assassinated in 1881. President John F Kennedy was shot while driving through Dallas, Texas, in an open topped car in November 1963. His brother Robert, a senator and presidential candidate was shot dead in 1968. President Ronald Reagan survived an attempted assassination in 1981, when John Hinckley Jnr fired shots at him in the hope of impressing the actress Jodie Foster, with whom he was obsessed. The black nationalist leader Malcolm X was killed while addressing a crowd in New York city in February 1965, while Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the States, was shot dead in November 1978.

Jared Lee Loughner: ‘mentally unstable dropout’ who had met Gabrielle Giffords before

Videos and statements posted on the internet by Loughner, 22, featured incoherent statements about terrorism, mind control, currency and the government. It was reported Loughner had been rejected by the US Army after failing a drugs test. He had previously been in trouble with the police over possession of drugs paraphernalia. It emerged that Loughner had been suspended from Pima Community College last September after campus police discovered a disturbing video posted on YouTube in which he ranted against the college. He had been disciplined over up to five “classroom and library disruptions”. Caitie Parker, a former classmate, said Loughner had met Gabrielle Giffords at an event in 2007. He “asked her a question and he told me she was ‘stupid and unintelligent’,” she said. Clarence Dupnik, the Pima County Sheriff, said that Loughner had been in contact with Miss Giffords’s office about the event. Other fellow students recalled troubling behaviour, including an incident in which Loughner upset a classmate. “A girl had written a poem about an abortion,” one, Lydian Ali, said. “It was very emotional and she was teary eyed and he said something about strapping a bomb to the foetus and making a baby bomber.”  Lynda Sorenson, another student who took classes with Loughner, told local media he was “obviously very disturbed”. She added: “He disrupted class frequently with nonsensical outbursts.” The college said it had written to Loughner’s parents, Amy and Randy Loughner, on October 7 about his suspension.

They said that to return, he must “obtain a mental health clearance indicating, in the opinion of a mental health professional, his presence at the College does not present a danger to himself or others”. Six weeks later, Loughner allegedly legally purchased a Glock 19 9mm semi-automatic handgun that was used on Saturday from a sports shop in Tucson, federal law enforcement officials said. Sheriff Dupnik said yesterday they believed the gunman was “unstable”. He told reporters: “There’s reason to believe that this individual may have a mental issue”. It was reported that the Department of Homeland Security was investigating whether Loughner was “possibly linked” to American Renaissance, a fanatical anti-Semitic group. Miss Giffords is “the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government”, a department memo reportedly said, and may have been targeted because of this. Jared Taylor, the editor of the group’s website, described the claims as “complete nonsense” and said Loughner did not appear on their membership lists. Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI, declined to comment directly on the claim but said his agents were analysing computers seized from Loughner’s house. Neighbours said that little was known locally about the Loughners, who are not thought to have other children. They live in a small home in the Orangewood Estates area to the north of Tucson. Gabriella Carillo, another fellow student, said the 22-year-old had been an intelligent teenager who had grown up not wanting to apply himself. “If he tried, he would probably be at the top of our class,” she said. “But he kind of just wasted his life. There are some guys who are just angry. I never really saw a smile on his face at all.”

Arizona shooting: Jared Loughner was urged to seek help

Mr Loughner is accused of killing six people and injuring 14, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, outside a supermarket in Tucson on Saturday. The mental health of the 22-year-old, who is being held in a US prison in northern Arizona after being declared a “danger to the community” in his first court appearance, is likely to be crucial to his trial. He received advice on the issue from a contributor at Above Top Secret, an internet forum for conspiracy theorists, where he appears to have left dozens of postings. A member assumed to be Mr Loughner posted a string of incoherent messages almost identical to texts in the home-made video clips that were unearthed after his arrest. Using the name erad3, he suggested NASA’s shuttle and Mars missions were faked, argued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were illegal and railed against God. In a discussion apparently started by Mr Loughner last July about currencies – a common theme in his online trail – a member using the name mordant1 intervened. “I think you’re frankly schizophrenic, and no that’s not an amateur opinion and not intended as an uninformed or insulting remark,” he said. “You clearly make no sense and are unable to communicate. I really do care. Seek help before you hurt yourself or others or start taking your medications again, please.” The contributor assumed to be Mr Loughner replied: “Thank you for the concern.” The forum administrators said there was an “overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence to support the notion that the ‘erad3’ member account here is Jared Loughner”. But they insisted he had left “no clues” in his postings, the last of which was on July 13, to suggest he represented anything more dangerous than “someone struggling with unanswered questions”.

It also emerged that Mr Loughner telephoned a friend at 2am on Saturday morning, eight hours before the shootings. The friend, Bryce Tierney, also 22, was awake but ignored the call. Mr Loughner said in a voicemail: “Hey man, it’s Jared. Me and you had good times. Peace out. Later.” Asked if he regretted not picking up, Mr Tierney told an interviewer: “I sort of wish I would have. I wonder what would have happened if I answered it.” The discoveries came amid the first news on Mr Loughner’s parents, Amy and Randy, who have not spoken publicly since Saturday’s killings. They have barricaded the front of their bungalow. “They are very devastated about the whole thing,” a neighbour, Wayne Smith, told local radio. “She’s in really bad shape and we’re hoping we don’t have to take her to the hospital. He’s a mess. They can’t talk without breaking down and just crying,” Mr Smith said, adding that he had broken news of the killings to the Loughners on Saturday as they returned from grocery shopping. Mrs Loughner “almost passed out”, he said, while Mr Loughner “sat in the road” and cried. Mr Loughner is said to have been unemployed since Jared’s birth. Neighbours described him as reclusive and aggressive. Mrs Loughner works for the Pima County Department of Parks and Recreation. Mr Smith said Mr Loughner was preparing to issue a statement about their son’s alleged murders.

 Jared Loughner: Understanding the Arizona Shooter from the Inside Out

Over the next few days to weeks, we will try to piece together what could have caused Jared Lee Loughner to attempt to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, kill six and wound fourteen others. We will learn of a long trail of “red flags,” and questions as to why there was not some earlier intervention will arise. We will hopefully nail down whether this was the act of a lone individual or part of some conspiracy. Forensic and other psychiatrists will weigh in on this being the act of an untreated, mentally disturbed and psychotic individual. Political extremist groups will be — if you pardon the bad taste — targeted as contributing to what may have triggered Loughner. And, of course, we will have the benefit this time of a living perpetrator, so we will no doubt learn a number of answers from Loughner himself. However, even when he opens up, we may learn little more than that we are dealing with a psychotic, paranoid if not schizophrenic person. This situation and the information coming out about Loughner has caused me to try to understand what could have caused his action, drawing on my 30 years as a clinical psychiatrist and behavioral analyst.  From listening to many suicidal and rageful/violent people and hearing information similar to what we are beginning to learn about Loughner, I believe that four factors may have contributed to his actions. (This is not in any way to excuse his heinous acts, but to gain a better understanding of his psyche so that we might prevent such tragedies in the future).

1.Prisoner of his own imagination*: When someone is a loner and not regularly in conversation with others, they run the risk of their imagination obscuring their contact with reality. In fact, most people have experienced their imaginations taking over when under stress and lying awake at 3 a.m., unable to fall to asleep or shut their mind off. Furthermore what if someone’s imagination caused them to feel as if the world (both real and on the Internet) was continually trying to either control them (with rules), reject them (as we know from his attempt to enlist in the armed services) or laugh at them (more likely a nervous laugh from people feeling anxious around them)? What effect might that have on someone’s psyche?

2.Reality-based persecutory fantasies: Much of Loughner’s paranoia about government control, etc. is likely delusional, but there is one area where his persecutory beliefs are grounded in reality. When someone acts bizarre and rants and raves in public, they do trigger fearfulness and avoidance in those around them. And if that someone has no awareness or insight that they are triggering such reactions, they will come to perceive that those people who are acting awkwardly are out to get them, when in reality they are out to avoid them.

3.Loss of executive function: The less one is able to use the reasoning part of their mind and upper brain to do a reality check on their perception and their runaway imagination, the more they become prey to being controlled by their emotional middle brain and “fight or flight” lower brain. A person’s lowest and most primitive brain works more according to reflex than to reason, and there is also a tendency to react back at the world at an equal, “eye for an eye” level of intensity to the way they perceive the world has treated them. Therefore, the more Loughner perceived that the world was after him (because in fact the world was indeed trying to avoid him when he acted crazy), the more he felt the need to get back at it in a more massive way than a single, focused murder.

4.Revenge of the “nobody”: In this world, many people suffer from “somebody envy.” To many people, being “anybody” can feel like being “nobody.” That may explain some of the massive appeal of shows like “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Biggest Loser,” etc. where “anybodies” get to become “somebodies.”

Worse than being a “nobody” is feeling put down and pushed away, as Loughner may have experienced with the multiple rejections in his life. And when people with a disturbed mind such as Loughner feel put down and pushed away, they often find a way to get back in and get even. *Many mental health professionals and others will say, “This is much more than a wayward imagination; this is delusional and psychotic thinking that requires treatment, including medication.” That is all true, but the challenge is how to gain cooperation and with it, the willingness to comply with and then continue treatment and medication. Unfortunately, establishing sufficient trust with a paranoid individual to cause them to be williing to cooperate with treatment, especially when there will be many uncomfortable side effects, is often a painstakingly long and frustrating process. Much of psychopharmacologic research is aimed at finding medications that have fewer of those side effects so that there might be greater cooperation and compliance. My aim in laying out the four factors above is that they may enable a conversation to take place with these individuals that is sufficiently empathic to tip the scale towards cooperation. One of my mentors once told me, “When you get where people are coming from and care and understand them when you’re there, they’re more likely to cooperate with where you’d like them to go.”


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Medical Opinions

Profile of suspect Jared Loughner: ‘I can’t trust the current government’

“I can’t trust the current government,” and “I’m a sleepwalker,” Jared Lee Loughner proclaimed in an Internet video before the shooting of a federal judge, congresswoman and others on Saturday in Tucson. His rambling videos had already caused him trouble at school, scaring his community college into suspending him in September. In early October, he agreed to withdraw from school. By November, Loughner had bought a Glock, purchased legally from a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Tucson, the Associated Press and Washington Post reported. Federal sources identified Jared L. Loughner, 22, of Tucson, as the suspected gunman in the shooting Saturday at a meet-the-constituents meeting in Tucson. Public records in Arizona showed a Jared L. Loughner, born in September 1988, which would make him 22 years old. He was living on Soledad Avenue in Tucson, about a five-mile drive from the Safeway store where the shooting occurred, in the Foothill Malls area.

Pima Community College, in Tucson, issued a statement identifying Loughner as the suspect. It said he was a student from the summer of 2005 to fall of 2010, but he was suspended Sept. 29 for conduct violations. It said he agreed to withdrew from the college on Oct. 4. The college said that from February to September of 2010, Loughner had five contacts with college police for disrupting classrooms and the library. It said he was prohibited from returning to the college. A spokesman for the college said Loughner’s videos troubled administrators and campus police, leading to his suspension. In one video, he “claims that the College is illegal according to the U.S. Constitution, and makes other claims,” the college’s statement said.  Video: Clearer picture emerges of alleged Ariz. shooter Loughner and his parents, Amy and Randy Loughner, met with administrators, who required him to be obtain a certification that “in the opinion of a mental health professional, his presence at the College does not present a danger to himself or others.”college. The college didn’t say whether Loughner ever saw a psychiatrist or was being treated for any disorder. Records from a public records service showed only a minor criminal charge against a Jared L. Loughner with the same date of birth, though such records can be incomplete. The Arizona Republic reported that the charge was for possession of drug paraphernalia. The charge was dismissed in 2008 by the city attorney after Loughner entered a pre-trial diversion program.

Tamara Crawley, director of the Marana Unified School District in Tucson, said Loughner attended Mountain View High School in Tucson for three years but withdrew after completing his junior year in 2006. Crawley said she did not know why Loughner had withdrawn from Mountain View High, and it was not clear if he had transferred to another school in the area. Lynda Sorenson said she took a math class with Loughner last summer at Pima Community College’s Northwest campus and told the Arizona Daily Star he was “obviously very disturbed.”  “He disrupted class frequently with nonsensical outbursts,” she said. Federal law enforcement officials were poring over copies of a MySpace page that belonged to Jared Loughner, as well as YouTube videos published to the Internet weeks ago under an account “Classitup10” and identifying the author as Jared Lee Loughner. Thusfar there has been no official confirmation that the man who posted the videos is the same man who is suspected in the shooting, and no charges against Loughner have been announced. The videos are not blatantly political, in the sense that they do not mention the congresswoman or federal judge that he’s suspected of shooting, nor any specific legislation. They do complain that too few people in the area speak English — immigration has been a hot-button political issue, particularly in the border state of Arizona, and the federal judge who was killed had handled high-profile cases about immigration, after which he received threats. (The sheriff said Saturday night that it appears the judge was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the gunman went first for the congresswoman.) ‘I can’t trust the current government’ Referring to District 8, the congressional district served by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Loughner wrote, “The majority of people who reside in District 8 are illiterate — hilarious. I don’t control your English grammar structure.”

And he adds, “I can’t trust the current government because of fabrications. The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar.” In another video, The Washington Post reported, titled “America: Your last memory in a terrorist country!,” a figure in dark clothing and a smiley-face mask burns an American flag in the desert. The Post reported that the soundtrack is a 2001 song by the band Drowning Pool, in which the singer shrieks, “Let the bodies hit the floor!” The MySpace page, which was removed within minutes of the gunman being identified by U.S. officials, included a mysterious “Goodbye friends” message published hours before the shooting. It also exhorted his friends to “Please don’t be mad at me.” Screenshots that appear to come from that page show a handgun on top of a U.S. history textbook. Pima County Sheriff’s officials said the gunman used a pistol to carry out the shooting spree. The Washington Post reported more details on the weapon: “Federal law enforcement sources said Loughner used a Glock 19 semiautomatic pistol that was found with a fully loaded magazine that held about 30 bullets. He had another magazine that held about 30 bullets and two others that each held about 15 bullets. He also was carrying a knife.” U.S. officials who provided his name to the AP spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release it publicly. Sources also gave NBC News the same name and age.

In one of the videos, Loughner claims to have been a military recruit. NBC and The Arizona Republic reported that U.S. Army officials confirmed that Loughner attempted to volunteer, but was rejected. In a rambling, philosophical YouTube video titled ” My Final Thoughts: Jared Lee Loughner,” the author does not appear. There are only words on the screen with background music, more of a slide show than a video. He muses: “All conscience dreaming at this moment is asleep. Jared Loughner is conscience dreaming at this moment. Thus, Jared Loughner is asleep.” He describes a loss of property rights by Americans, and ends with, “Terrorist: If I define terrorist then a terrorist is a person who employs terror or terrorism, especially as a political weapon. … If you call me a terrorist, then the argument to call me a terrorist is Ad hominem. You call me a terrorist. Thus, the argument to call me a terrorist is Ad hominem.” In one of several Youtube videos, the author described inventing a new U.S. currency and complained about the illiteracy rate among people living in Giffords’ congressional district in Arizona. “I know who’s listening: Government Officials, and the People,” the author wrote. “Nearly all the people, who don’t know this accurate information of a new currency, aren’t aware of mind control and brainwash methods. If I have my civil rights, then this message wouldn’t have happen (sic).” His online profiles say he attended Northwest Aztec Middle College and Pima Community College, both in the same county as Tucson. The Arizona Republic reported that Loughner interrupted a math class at Pima with nonsensical outbursts, and was barred from class. And The Republic reports that in mid-December, about the same time as the videos were posted, Loughner posted: “WOW! I’m glad i didn’t kill myself. I’ll see you on National T.v.! This is foreshadow …. why doesn’t anyone talk to me?..” and “I don’t feel good: I’m ready to kill a police officer! I can say it.”

In a profile online, he listed his favorite books: “Animal Farm,” “Brave New World,” “The Wizard of OZ,” “Aesop’s Fables,” “The Odyssey,” “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” “Fahrenheit 451,” “Peter Pan,” “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “We The Living,” “Phantom Toll Booth,” “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Pulp,” “Through The Looking Glass,” “The Communist Manifesto,” “Siddhartha,” “The Old Man and the Sea,” “Gulliver’s Travels,” “Mein Kampf,” “The Republic,” and “Meno.” A 22-year-old woman in Arizona, Caitie Parker, claimed on her Twitter feed that she went to high school and college with the gunman, and was in a band with him. She described his politics in the past as “left wing, quite liberal, & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.” She also described him as having a lot of friends “until he got alcohol poisoning in ’06” and dropped out of school. “Mainly loner very philosophical.” Parker described the gunman meeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords previously: “He was a political radical & met Giffords once before in ’07, asked her a question & he told me she was ‘stupid & unintelligent.’

YouTube video transcripts

In one of the videos, entitled “Hello,” the author writes in words on a black and white screen:

“Hello, my name is Jared Lee Loughner. This video is my introduction to you! My favorite activity is conscience dreaming; the greatest inspiration for my political business information. Some of you don’t dream – sadly. Firstly, the current government officials are in power for their currency, but I’m informing you for your new currency! If you’re treasurer of a new money system, then you’re responsible for the distributing of a new currency. We now know – the treasurer for a new money system, is the distributor of the new currency. As a result, the people approve a new money system which is promising new information that’s accurate, and we truly believe in a new currency. Above all, you have your new currency, listener? Secondly, my hope – is for you to be literate! If you’re literate in English grammar, then you comprehend English grammar. The majority of people, who reside in District-8, are illiterate – hilarious. I don’t control your English grammar structure, but you control your English grammar structure. Thirdly, I know who’s listening: Government Officials, and the People. Nearly all the people, who don’t know this accurate information of a new currency, aren’t aware of mind control and brainwash methods. If I have my civil rights, then this message wouldn’t have happen. In conclusion, my ambition – is for informing literate dreamers about a new currency; in a few days, you know I’m conscience dreaming! Thank you!”

And in a second video, called “My Final Thoughts,” he questions the literacy of his listeners:

“My Final Thoughts: Jared Lee Loughner. Most people, who read this text, forget in the next 2 second! The population of dreamers in the United States of America is less than 5%! (next slide = jumble of numbers outlining “the previous year of B.C.E.”) If B.C.E. years are unable to start then A.D.E. years are unable to begin. B.C.E. years are unable to start. Thus, A.D.E. years are unable to begin. If I teach a mentally capable 8 year old for 20 consecutive minutes to replace an alphabet letter with a new letter and pronounciation then the mentally capable 8 year old writes and pronounces the new letter and pronunciation that’s replacing an alphabet letter in 20 consecutive minutes. I teach a mentally capable 8 year old for 20 consecutive minutes to replace an alphabet letter with a new letter and pronounciation. Thus, the mentally capable 8 year old writes and pronounces the new letter and pronunciation that’s replacing an alphabet letter in 20 consecutive minutes. Every human who’s mentally capable is always able to be treasurer of their new currency. If you create one new currency then you’re able to create a second new currency. If you’re able to create second new currency then you’re able to create third new currency. You create one new currency. Thus, you’re able to create a third currency. You’re a treasurer for a new currency, listener? You create and distribute your new currency, listener? You don’t allow the government to control your grammar structure, listener? If you create one new language then you’re able to create a second new language. If you’re able to create a second new language then you’re able to create a third new language. You create one new hanguage. Thus, you’re able to create a third new language. All humans are in need of sleep. Jared Loughner is a human. Hence, Jared Loughner is in need of sleep.”

“Sleepwalking. If I define sleepwalking then sleepwalking is the act or state of walking, eating, or performing other motor acts while asleep, of which one is unaware upon awakening. I define sleepwalking. Thus, sleepwalking is the act or state of walking, eating, or performing other motor acts while asleep, of which one is unaware upon awakening. I’m a sleepwalker – who turns off the alarm clock. All conscience dreaming at this moment is asleep. Jared Loughner is conscience dreaming at this moment. Thus Jared Loughner is asleep. Terrorist. If I define terrorist then a terrorist is a person who employs terror or terrorism, especially as a political weapon. I define terrorist. Thus a terrorist is a person who employs terror or terrorism, especially as a political weapon. If you call me a terrorist then the argument to call me a terrorist is Ad hominem. You call me a terrorist. Thus, the argument to call me a terrorist is Ad hominem. Every United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix is receiving one mini bible before the tests. Jared Loughner is a United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix. Therefore, Jared Loughner is receiving one mini bible before the tests. I didn’t write a belief on my Army application, and the recruiter wrote on the application: None. The majority of citizens in the United States of America have never read the United States of America’s Constitution. You don’t have to accept the federalist laws.  Nonetheless, read the United States of America’s Constitution to apprehend all of the current treasonous laws. You’re literate, listener? If property owners and government officials are no longer in ownership of their land and laws from a revolution then the revolutionary’s from the revolution are in control of the land and the laws. The property owners and government officials are no longer in ownership of their land and laws from a revolution. Thus, the revolutionary’s from the revolution are in control of the land and the laws. In conclusion, reading the second United States Constitution, I can’t trust the government because of the ratifications: The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar.  No! I won’t pay debt with a currency that’s not backed by gold and silver! No! I won’t trust in God! What’s government if words don’t have meaning?”

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