Egyptian protester shot dead by police – Jan 27


Currently, we’re being told that large numbers of plainsclothes police officers and security officers are going through the streets covering parked cars with gasoline.The activists expect that the govt plans to light all the cars on fire, claim that the protesters were burning everything, and use that as a pretext to use severe violence to repress the protests, and eliminating all means for the people to relay the truth out of the country.They are being told by sources within the regime that very large groups of govt-organized thugs, calling themselves “ikhwan al-Haq” [a group never heard of, roughly translated as “brotherhood of truth”], are going to be in the streets with knives, swords, etc…, attacking and killing protesters in the streets tomorrow [Friday]; they don’t know whether this may be deliberately and falsely leaked to discourage demonstrators; but they do see evidence that these groups are being organized. they may also claim that these violent groups are the demonstrators as a pretext to use violence on the real demonstrators.

Stephen McInerney, director of advocacy for the Project on Middle East Democracy

9:02 am GMT

“The Egyptian authorities should allow protesters to exercise their right to assemble and protest peacefully. Instead protesters have met with exactly the kind of heavy-handed abuse and repression that people are protesting against.

We have seen wholly unacceptable and disproportionate policing of these protests. Instead of further crackdowns, the authorities should be investigating the widespread reports of excessive use of force by the police and holding those responsible to account.”

Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director, Human Rights Watch

Egyptian protester shot dead by police

AN Egyptian protester was shot dead by police overnight as nationwide protests raged into a third day and pro-democracy activists vowed to step up their campaign to oust President Hosni Mubarak. Mohamed Atef, 22, died when he was shot in the head by police during an exchange of fire between Bedouin protesters and security forces in the north Sinai town of Sheikh Zuwayed, witnesses and relatives said. His death brings to seven the number of people confirmed killed – five protesters and two policemen – since demonstrations against Mr Mubarak’s autocratic rule, inspired by the groundbreaking Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, erupted on Wednesday.

Medics said more than 100 people have been injured while a security official said that around 1000 protesters had been arrested in three days of protests. Top dissident Mohamed ElBaradei was expected to arrive from Vienna in Cairo today and according to his brother will join mass protests planned for after the weekly Muslim main prayers.

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