“Mubarak has started to hunt us down,”

February 7, 2010

CyberDissidents.org has just received word that Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer, recently released after four years in prison, has disappeared.  Kareem is a member of CyberDissidents.org’s blogger board and we are horrified at this news. Last night around 11 pm Kareem left Tahrir square with a friend.  They were warned not to go through Kasr Elnil because of ambushes and arrests there.  It is not known if they used that exit, but Kareem and his friend have not been heard from since.  Their phones are off and they are not in their apartments.  “Mubarak has started to hunt us down,” a friend of Kareem’s told CyberDissidents.org.  “One more week in power and he will kill us all.” Kareem is a sensitive soul who wants nothing more than to live in freedom.  Yesterday, he spoke with CyberDissidents.org and urged us to continue highlighting violations of human rights in Egypt.  A few weeks ago, we asked Kareem about his four years in prison.  “Freedom is worth the sacrifice,” he said. Please spread the word about Kareem’s disappearance to friends, family, press and policy-makers.


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