Yemen: “protest attacked by police”

March 12, 2011

Police in Yemen have attacked anti-government demonstrators in the centre of the capital, Sanaa, killing up to six people and injuring many more. Reports say hundreds of police moved in, using tear gas, water cannons and live bullets at a protest camp in Tahrir Square. The clashes came after the US urged opposition groups to take up President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s call for talks. Weeks of protest against his 32-year rule have left about 30 people dead. The protesters have been camping out in Sanaa’s Tahrir Square for weeks. Doctors in the camp said police were blocking medical teams from entering the area. One doctor told BBC Arabic that six people were dead and 1,250 injured – 250 of them seriously. “It felt like a massacre, there were police teams in official uniforms and plain clothes police and they were attacking the protesters,” one witness told the Reuters news agency. “They used tear gas and gunfire and chased some people out into the streets.” On Thursday, President Saleh announced plans to change the constitution to move to a parliamentary system.

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