Peace Activists at Parliament Square – April 26, 2011

Will Homeless Halt Kate and William’s Wedding? What About the IRA?

By Marianne Garvey

April 26, 2011

One of the protesters told E! News that the assembled group is prepared to stand its ground—peacefully—if the police try to force them from their spots…which are directly along Kate’s route from Buckingham Palace to the church on Friday. “It remains to be seen if we have to move,” said Mark Williams, a member of the group Peace Strike who has lived in a tent outside the church for ten months. “The carriage will go exactly past here and there are certain actions that have been taken against us. Legally they can’t move us, because it’s a legally registered campaign. We have to obey the law; we’re into responsible peaceful protesting.”

Williams told us that there’s been chatter that they may be arrested the morning of the wedding. “If they find a way to arrest us, which I don’t believe they have, I think that’s the only tactic left for them. It’s something that may happen. Any actions taken against us so far have been through the courts, we haven’t heard anything for over six weeks now.”

“We’ll cover our display units with messages of support,” Williams said of the groups plans. “We’re in the process of making sheets reading ‘May you live happily ever after’ and ‘Good luck, Kate and William’ to cover the tents, which will be in place the day before. We will certainly have a flag of some kind. I’m neither pro- nor anti-monarchy, so I do wish them the best.”


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