Democracy in the UK?

Video footage given to the BBC for their use.  My comments below are not supported nor endoresed  by the BBC. The comments below are my own and represent 4TheRecord only.

April 29, 2011

Today I went to Soho Square in order to get some footage of a Zombie Party that was meant to be happening there.  When I arrived I noticed how empty the place nearly was.  There were more police then press and more press then the Zombies.  It became clear after a while that many people were being prevented from getting to Soho Square. I saw people dressed as Zombies held for long periods on Oxford Street and around 30 police officers were waiting around one corner while a group of 20 waited at another corner.

It looked like anyone who was wearing fancy dress was being detained and it appeared that arrests were being made has the people never did arrive at Soho Square which was just around the corner.

After some time the people who were at the party started making music, singing and dancing.  Out from nowhere a group of skin heads wearing normal clothing ran up to the man who was dancing the most and snatched him away.  Afterwards I offered the footage to a BBC reporter at Soho Square and was asked if I could upload it.  On my way to the internet cafe came across people in zombie dress and make up being detained.  Within 1 minute I was detained and searched under Section 60.

I was not able to find an internet cafe to upload my memory card so I made my way back to Soho Square where I spoke with the BBC reporter to explain this problem.  He arranged for me to go to British Broadcasting House in Regent Street and gave me directions. I noticed that two police officers at Soho were following me.  They had seen me speaking with the BBC reporter before I left.  When I got within 1 minute of the BBC on Regent Street I saw a police van stop and two officers looking at me while they ran over.

I tunred on my camera and started recording.  This appeared to anger one of the officers who grabbed my left arm while other officers arrived and grabbed hold of my other arm.  I was told it was a Section 60 stop and search.  At this point both my amrs were being held and then another officer ripped my camera from my hand.  After some time I was arrested for suspicion of handling a stolen credit card which was my card with my name on it.

When I arrived at West End Central I was informed by a police officer that this is where they took the Krays brothers. Whilst in the station I noticed some faces that I recognised from Soho Square. It took some time for the duty seargent to process me through but once he was done I was taken to have my photos taken. I then had to go for another set of photos with a lady. She must have been bored because she had a few reading books and magazines on the desk. I was then taken to the fingerprint machine and had all my prints taken. Once my fingerprints had been taken I was made to suck on a cotton bud until it tirned blue. I then had my DNA taken. The results of the drugs test was ready. It was an obvious negative and the officer seemed pleased with the result.

Before the arrest I had told the officers that this was my card. I also explained that I was fully aware of my rights and asked the officers if I was obliged to answer their questions.  “you do not have to provide the officer with your name and address.” Met Police Website

I was released without charge and without caution and made my way back to British Broadcasting House on Regent Street.

After all this I made my way back to Soho Square but could not see anyone from before.  It looked like a different place.

By James Newman

84 responses to “Democracy in the UK?

  1. where are we syria who was that the secret police why only one arrest ?? ott and an illegal arrest i think england /london is heading towards stasi like state i just heard a guy got done for racism for singing everyone was kung foo fighting at a pub kareoke wft wake up england fight back

  2. moral of story , dont hang with ZOMBIES, 😦 the UNDEAD are BAD MAGIC x

  3. whocaniwriteto?

    who can i write to in the U.K to complain about this hideously improper conduct by the Metropolitan police ?

    • IPCC and odly enough at a Police station if you should ever feel brave enough. I don’t recommend the last option unless you have a solicitor close by. The police are known for protecting their own members so it makes no sense to report the police to the police but the IPCC are the ones who are not connected with the police. You can calso write a letter to your local MP who has a duty to investigate the problem.

      • Lucy Welsh

        Hi James,
        Love your footage, love is probably the wrong word it actually made me physically sick but glad you got it on film.
        I immediately wrote to my MP Sunday morning, unfortunately she’s a Tory, although she always gets back to me. I asked her to investigate and find this footage and also the clip on Charlie Veitch’s arrest and then to get back to me with her thoughts on how this can be right and various other related questions.
        I am desperate to know what happened to the chap that the thugs carted off, I just want to know if he’s okay and what the suspicion or charge was .

      • At the end of the footage the inspector says that he was arrested for suspicion of having an article to cause criminal damage. When asked by a reporter what the article was the inspector said that the article was still being investigated. It seemed they didn’t know what the article was.

      • jimmy osmond

        Hi James, sorry to hear about your experience on the 29th, unfortunately the IPCC are connected to the Police – do not trust them. It’s the police investigating the police and they seem to very rarely find any wrongdoing has happened. When they do it mostly gets dropped in court. You would be better suing the Met with the help of a decent solicitor, if you’re in London then Bindmans, Hodge Jones & Allen or Birnberg Pierce would be worth speaking to. And hey, if you’re a bit skint the Met could pay for your rent/food for the next couple of months! Solicitors such as those above would want a percentage of your compensation money but if you’re successful it won’t cost you a penny, will get a few quid and you do have a strong case. Good luck mate, Jimmy.

    • Also worth considering the MPA for this sort of thing – they have a Civil Liberties Panel which you should be able to find using Google, address your complaint to the chair of that panel.

  4. Well done James, very cool under the circumstances

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  7. Why send it to the BBC they’re as corrupt as any state media anywheree?

    • I knew this but still wanted the footage to get out to as many places as possible. I think the more people see it the better which is why I gave it to the BBC. Of course only time will tell if they ever bother to show the 8GB I gave them. Still I am uploading the footage and will be posting some more video footage here when I get them all together.

      • The Guardian might be interested – try @PaulLewis on Twitter maybe, he covers a lot of protest-related stuff.

  8. Appalling story. If they can arrest you on suspicion surely they can point to actions or circumstances which aroused this suspicion. If not I’d have thought there are grounds for a claim of wrongful arrest.

  9. Excellent post. I’ve returned to the habit of copying and pasting all the good stuff so that if (or when) it disappears I’ve still got it. Thanks for posting all this!

  10. Shouldn’t be schocked really, but our country is turning into a fascist state, there is no doubt.

  11. sue crockford

    well we’ve had a Zombified few days eh? The marzipan of Brand UK spread thickly over popular culture adn the meaning of MAy Day! If you needed more examples of how the Firm (royals/Cameron’s ilk etc) arrange never to relinquish power then the wedding and the invite list is worth a llok. Not for long tho”!

    Quite astute to overshadow the only people’s day in the calender wich by the way Thatcher proposed substituing with Trafalgar DAy in October.

    We are all worth more than this and they a great deal less.

  12. Anne Onymous Forfir Ovarest

    From the Met web site:
    A police officer, or a community support officer must have a good reason for stopping or searching you and they are required to tell you what that reason is.

    There are, however, occasions when the police can search anyone in a certain area, for example when there is evidence that serious violence has taken place or may take place, (Powers under S60 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994). The officer should explain this to you and must be searching for items to be used in connection with violence

    You should not be stopped just because of your age, race, ethnic background, nationality, faith, the language you speak or because you have committed a crime in the past.

    The police can stop or stop and search you:

    * If they think you’re carrying a weapon, drugs or stolen property
    * If there has been serious violence or disorder in the vicinity
    * If they are looking for a suspect who fits your description
    * As part of anti-terrorism efforts

    It is clear you were not suspected of any of those things, there were no reasonable grounds to stop you as one of the above apply. Specifically you should not be stopped “because you have committed a crime in the past” let alone because you happened to be at a legal official march by the TUC!

    It is also significant that you were followed after having already been stopped and searched and were then stopped again, searched again, assaulted and arrested, on spurious grounds. This is illegal – even without the assault – and presumably only happened because too many people were watching when you were searched the first time.

    Section 60 is being seriously abused for political ends.

  13. Important footage. You were to all intents and purposes “kettled” in Soho Square whilst the snatch squad took matey for “criminal damage”. I didn`t see anything but a peaceful demo by a handful of people, broken up by plain clothed thugs with no ID. No-one could complain because they did n`t have ID. This is pretty scary.Whole areas can be sterilised on a Chief Constable`s say-so and a person`s rights can be revoked at a moments notice. This does n`t bode well for the future . Where are we? Argentina in the 70s-80s.

  14. These coppers should concentrate on solving jack the ripper case instead if harassing protesting youths for no reason.

  15. Welcome to being black world wide.

  16. whoever is the fucking pathetic moron crying about being assaulted. what a complete arsehole

  17. another comment. you were resisting, now just fuck of and collect your benefits

  18. wel done for getting the footage out there

  19. All this oppressive bullshit for a damned Zombie dress-up party?

    Oh Gods, we are in SUCH deep trouble.

  20. Absolutely ridiculous. Horrendous treatment of what seems a pretty peaceful group of demonstrators. If that happened here in the US, I believe the police would have been even more aggresive, possibly injuring you, and claimed you were resisting. And they would have been able to make this accusation because they would have already taken the camera from you, so at least the officers were polite enough to leave you the evidence that they were operating inappropriately for the situation.

  21. Anne Onymous Forfir Ovarest

    From section 2.2 of Code A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984:
    Reasonable suspicion cannot be based on generalisations or stereotypical images of certain groups or categories of people as more likely to be involved in criminal activity.

    From section 2.10:
    If, as a result of questioning before a search, or other circumstances which come to the attention of the officer, there cease to be reasonable grounds for suspecting that an article is being carried of a kind for which there is a power to stop and search, no search may take place. [See Note 3] In the absence of any other lawful power to detain, the person is free to leave at will and must be so informed.

    This means that the first search was lawful, but the second was unlawful under the PACE (Section 60 does not remove any of these rights it only provides a blanket grounds for suspicion – once a search has already ruled out this suspicion a second search is not allowed by the act).

    I suspect the actual arrest was illegal too, as there were no grounds for suspicion that a crime had been committed. Code G, section2.1 of PACE:
    A lawful arrest requires two elements:
    A person’s involvement or suspected involvement or attempted involvement in the commission of a criminal offence;
    Reasonable grounds for believing that the person’s arrest is necessary.
    The grounds for stopping you are different from the grounds for arrest and they had no reason for suspecting your card to be someone else’s. Additionally, having arrested they have a duty to detain you as short as possible, so they could simply have checked your address (which once arrested you must give) there and then to establish your innocence.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I can read:

    It goes without saying that what they did was wrong. It is important to realise that it is also illegal.

  22. Anne Onymous Forfir Ovarest

    Note also, “Home Office Guidance – Police Officer Misconduct, Unsatisfactory Performance and Attendance Management Procedures” in the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2008 states that police officers have a right to disobey orders they reasonably suspect to be unlawful:
    1.38 Police officers only give and carry out lawful orders and instructions.

    1.39 Police officers abide by Police Regulations, Force Policies and Lawful Orders.

    1.40 The Police Service is a disciplined body and therefore any decision not to follow an order or instruction will need to be fully justified.

    1.41 There may however be instances when failure to follow an order or instruction does not amount to misconduct. This may be for example where the Officer reasonably believed that a lawful order was in fact unlawful or where an Officer had good and sufficient reason not to comply having regard to all the circumstances and possible consequences.

    It would be useful to remind them of this as often as possible.

  23. When the whole world has it’s eyes on London then it’s no wonder that all these anti-royal protests were quashed. Rightfully so in my opinion. These parties could have turned into full scale riots.
    For the prevention of national embarrassment, the police rightfully used preventative measures.
    Poppy Cock the right to protest on William and Kate’s day.

    • streamfortyseven

      Ten people in Soho Square, including one eccentric fellow in a tabard who appeared to be wearing a colander on his head, a guitar player, a couple of teenagers, and a gaggle of paparazzi could turn into a “full scale riot”? Come on, give me a break, that’s a load of horse manure and you know it. As for the right to protest, if you can only use it when the government approves of it, it’s not a right.

  24. Heya. Thank you so much for putting this up. My name’s Hannah Eiseman-Renyard and I was the zombie bridesmaid.

    We’ve definitely got a case and we, the zombies, are looking at our options. Get in touch. Hannah (underscore) Chutzpah (at) gmail (dot) com.

    • Hi Hannah,

      I was the guy who got stoped and searched after filming your stop and search. I have some more footage that I am uploading right now and should be availible soon at

      Anyway, I came across you by chance on that day has I was on my way to the internet cafe to try and upload some footage. I saw how stupid it was for them to be keeping you and your group like this. I had a feeling they were going to arrest you has they didn’t let you go after the search. With my search the officer clearly changed his acceptance of my camera by making up excuses that my small camera was in his face and could hurt him.

      If you are going to report it I will be happy to act as an eyewitness to what I saw on that day.


  25. Hi. Thanks for writing this up, I’ve linked it from the Police State UK twitter account:

    And on our Facebook page:

    Would you be willing to republish it on our main website?

    By the way, some of the people you filmed are trying to get in touch with you:

    • Thank you, It would be great to republich this on your site. Also thank you for letting me know about the people wishing to contact me. I have added you on facebook and twitter.


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  27. Grenville Millington

    “don’t assault me, it’s on camera, I don’t appreciate being assaulted” – absolutely pathetic, learn to stand up for yourself or stay at home, you’re an embarassment.

    • “learn to stand up for yourself”

      Are you suggesting that when the plain-clothes policeman tries to push him over, he should have responded with similar violence? On film, alone and surrounded by both uniform and plain-clothes police? How stupid are you?

      • Grenville Millington

        It’s possible to stand up for youself without resorting to violence.

        It just saddens me whenever I watch footage of recent ‘protests’ where everyone is more intent on capturing some minor police misdemeanour on their cameraphone than actually protesting.

        I’m far from a fan of our police force but this isn’t exactly the pitched battles of the miners strikes. To compare our country to a police state is an insult to those that are forced to live in real ones.

  28. Who says we dont live in a police state?
    This is an appauling waste of time & money by the Met.
    I just hope you have recourse to sue for wrongful arrest.

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  30. Valerie Kirkham

    I was digusted by the behaviour of the Metrpolitan Police who seem to believe anyone doing anything they do not like is breaking the law! This was a peaceful situation which was escalated into a potentially agressive one by the policemen’s actions, particularly the ones not in uniform.
    will they be detaining peole who go to speaker’s corner in Hyde Park next?
    I might add that I am a law abiding citizen born and bred in this country and I am also a pensioner of 72 years of age. Would I be treated in the same way if I did what thes young people did?

  31. The police’s performance might be harsh but correct… You cant go around calling/comParing cops with nazis just because you have a different perspective on society. Hilarious song you might think but come on it’s pure intimidation and plain ‘looking for trouble’ And attention. You complain about fascism? Go to iran, saudi arabia, china, .. Wher espeaking your mind peacefully and nonsenselessly gets you and your family imprisOned or killed. It’s not because life might not have turned out as good or successfull as you hoped it Would be you can go around calling everybody fascist… Thats almost as weak and short-Sighted as calling everybody racist for giving any remark about any ethnic looking person. Just my 2 cents and if you dont “approve”this opinion/comment and censor it; you are no better than the ones you are calling fascist and blaim evverything thats gone bad in you life on them in stead of on yourselves or your peers. Extremism either left or right is bad, trust me

    • “Hilarious song you might think but come on it’s pure intimidation”

      If you’re intimidated by that you shouldn’t leave your house, the wind changing direction might be a bit frightening.

      “The police’s performance might be harsh but correct… You cant go around calling/comParing cops with nazis just because you have a different perspective on society.”

      It is completely justified calling cops Nazis if they arrest people simply for expressing their personal views (because it was something the Nazis did actually do), freedom of expression is a human right that is protected by the same UK law these cops are supposed to uphold. Remember the government is condemning and even in some cases bombing other countries because of their attitude to human rights…

      “Go to iran, saudi arabia, china, .. Wher espeaking your mind peacefully and nonsenselessly gets you and your family imprisOned or killed.”

      I’m sure everyone is well aware of that, however that does not mean that people should simply be arrested for disagreeing with the government line.

    • Not sure I’d agree that the police conduct was 100 correct, but I do have to side with Musback for the most part. We don’t know why the first guy was arrested. You can clearly hear the “snatch and grab” squad identifying themselves as Police at time stamp 00:29. You cannot hear them read charges. What I’d like to know is if they had a valid reason to arrest the guy. In Australia, where police are much more heavy handed I think you’ve got it pretty easy over here. If you are going to agitate or protest on a day where there is heightened security, I’m not surprised hat the police had a much shorter fuse. I can’t imagine that they would want a small minority group of thugs ruining the day as happened on 26th March.

      There are a number of actions in these viseos where the Police did not act appropriately. Things that were not right.
      1. The undercover cops failing to give names/badge numbers when requested. They are not required to do so, but I would think it good form
      2. The assualt by the undercover cop. It appears that he struck James, but the footage is unclear
      3. You have the right to film in a public place. Good article on it here:
      4. Abuse of the Section 60 order. From the Met’s own website:”There are, however, occasions when the police can search anyone in a certain area, for example when there is evidence that serious violence has taken place or may take place, (Powers under S60 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994). The officer should explain this to you and must be searching for items to be used in connection with violence”

  32. the word of me

    The UK does not have democracy anymore…it all went away with the terrorist attacks. Because of government propaganda and Bull Sh*t you only think you are free anymore.

  33. Dude, hope you’re OK, hope the camera wasn’t damaged.

    • Thank you for asking. I am ok apart from losing 4 hours in a cell. The camera is slightly damaged but only with the wrist cord being snapped from when they pulled the camera from my hand. Its a strong little camera has the floor did not damage the screen or the casing. Its a Canon IXUS 1001s HD incase you interested.

  34. Musback, just because there are worse fascist regimes in existence, that doesn’t in any way excuse unjustified behaviour in our own police force. Accusing people of “looking for trouble” if they do anything likley in the current climate to be met with an unjustified or unreasonable response by the police force, is just the sort of masochistic mindset that convinces vicitims of domestic violence they must be to blame for the treatment they receive.
    If you’re happy to lick the hand that beats you, good luck to you, but it doesn’t make you a realist or a moral guardian. It just makes you a coward and a collaborator.

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  36. shocking, absolutely disgusting, esp. the use of skinhead “police” in plain clothes. felt more like the Krays than a legitimate operation

  37. I don’t think Musback understands the principles of democracy. Voltaire would fly over their head.

    Thanks for documenting these events, James. My friend was on the QR Zombie Flash Mob which I’ve written up at mine.

    Did you see the video of the boy in tears being arrested for carrying a pen with intent, I kid you not?

    The royal wedding weekend sure has been a good time to bury bad news and get away with murder.

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  40. USA resident here.

    A horrifying account, and my concern is that episodes of this kind are only going to happen more frequently, in the US as well as in GB.

    The police, it seems, have met the enemy and We The Citizenry are it.

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  43. Commonly known as Rob

    In response to one comment above: no, you aren’t obliged to give an ‘address’. Mainly because the term can’t be defined legally. Look up the Freedom of Information requests and responses on www dot theyworkforyou dot com for formal confirmation of this. Also you can’t provide a date of birth because it is based entirely on hearsay – and hearsay isn’t admissible. Also you can’t provide your Name because the birth registration process is not evidence of identity, only of an event. Your birth certificate is also entirely hearsay.

    You did well mate under the circumstances but when thugs in uniform blindly obey orders its best just to observe your right to remain silent but do what is necessary to avoid being physically or mentally abused. It would do well for these uniformed numpties to remember who pays their wages and recall that the Nuremburg defence is no defence (i.e. I was just obeying orders!).

    Yes, the winds of change are most certainly blowing and people ARE waking up in increasing large numbers. These characters in uniform need to work out who they want to work for. Us, who pay their wages and live next door to them. Or the state. Do these police want their own kids to grow up in the intrusive and bullying police state they are helping create?

    For those of you who want to empower yourselves and join in non-political, lawful, non-violent, civilian rebellion against the growing police state, the EU, world govt, bankers bailouts, erosion of our traditions rights and constitution, destruction of our justice system and Common Law, and an ever-increasing dictatorship run by lying politicians who do NOT represent the people and think they are above the Law, then look into Lawful Rebellion and The British Constitution Group.

    Knowledge is power, folks…and you’ll make some great new friends too.

    Anyway, glad to hear you got out in one piece and your camera is still working. Ebay does a nifty little digital video recorder for £11 btw 🙂

  44. Huh ?! Why didn’t the police just ask the guy what he had stuffed inside his sweatshirt instead of acting like muggers! (0.7 secs first vid). Obviously wasn’t a “articles to cause criminal damage” (4.40 secs)or we would have heard about it ad nauseum by now. It was probably his packed lunch and pakamack for gods sake.

    • . Qo Ekamutn Internetum internet buseinss dproc@ iskapes bacarik hnaravorutun er boloris hamar . Ays mi qani shabatva @ntacqum mez aynqan proffesional ev kazmakerpvac kerpov matucvec nor informacian ,vor Internet buseinss ashxarh@ darcav miangamamayn harazat vayr indz hamar ev es patrastvum em hastatvel ev sharunakel aystex. Bolor nranq ovqer derevs tarakusum en masnakcel nor sksvox daserin te voch ,es mecaguin patasxanatvutiamb ev vstahutiamb erashxavorum em ,masnakceq ev dzer arjev kbacven nor drner ,hnaravorutunner ev iharke amboxjovin nor giteliqner Da dzezanic shat ban chi xli,ev ardunqum inch kunennaq anhamemateli e linelu !!! Mi hapaxeq !!!

  45. Commonly known as Mike

    Take notice of what Rob says, because what he DOESN’T know about the law, isn’t worth knowing.

    The Free Man movement is gathering pace and when the BCG reaches a membership of one million people, we will simply take our country back – without lifting a finger.

    The PEN, the COMPUTER and the HUMAN SPIRIT are mightier than the sword and truncheon and gun!

  46. James,
    Really nice post, the work that you are doing is very important, camera, standing up for liberties and spreading the message.

    Revolution starts with information, I love how you stay so cool!

    Don’t let this scare you off – just give you more force… the world needs some change, and together we strong.

    I linked you from my blog!

    Much Love!

  47. Snowdropbooks

    You could ask to meet the police involved and have a Restorative Justice meeting. In the recent government Green Paper, Ken Clarke recommends that community conflict be increasingly dealt with using a restorative approach rather than criminalising people. In this way all of those affected by this incident are heard, and the harm caused is repaired through problem solving.

  48. Do we know the that journalist at the end was? It looks like Aidan Hartley from unreported world but I’m not too sure.

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  50. I simply could not leave your web site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info an individual supply for your guests? Is going to be back regularly to check up on new posts

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  52. Hey James,

    Are you in on the Judicial Review? Either way, I’m putting together a website to gather all the info together – for the purposes of getting more publicity. I’d be really grateful if you’d let me reproduce this post for it:

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