Defend the Right to Protest at City of Westminister Court – May 9th

May 9, 2011

Earlier today I went to the City of Westminster Court to see the protest which had been orginised against the trial of 138 people who had peacefully demonstrated in Fortnum and Mason. I arrived 40 minutes late thanks to the District Line so I only managed to catch the last part of the speeches. The demonstration today was for the 138 people who were attending a court case for their part in the peaceful protest at Fortnum and Mason on March 26.

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Another group called Defend the Right to Protest was also there to voice their support for the right to protest which was removed from many people on April 28th and 29th. Charlie Veitch from a group called the Love Police was arrested on April 28th for “Pre Crime” so he was not able to attend the meeting because of bail conditions. Chris knight a professor in anthropology was also arrested with bail conditions for planning to carry out street theatre.

The protest ended shortly before the court hearing was due to start with police and protestors leaving the area. I went into the court to see if I could get into the public galary but there was no space inside.


Defend the Right to Protest Meeting – May 5th

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