Stop the War Protest – July 12

Anti-War Mass Assembly 10 Years On Occupy Trafalgar Square London Saturday 8 October Protest Bring the troops home Stop the bombing

Adhaf Soueif, John Pilger, Tariq Ali, Brian Eno, Jemima Khan, Tony Benn, George Galloway, Caroline Lucas MP, and many more, will be in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 8 October at the anti-war mass assembly on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

The last ten years of war have been catastrophic. Tens of thousands killed in Afghanistan. A million killed in Iraq. Pakistan is on the brink of collapse. More than 550 British soldiers dead and now civilian casualities in Libya, the third western war on a Muslim country. The killing goes on. As politicians insist on deep cuts to essential public services, Britain is spending £5 billion a year on the war in Afghanistan, and will have spent £1 billion on Libya by the Autumn.

Armed forces veterans, school students, musicians, trade unionists, writers, artists, academics, politicians, campaigners, and military families, will occupy Trafalgar Square on Saturday 8 October to show our opposition to war, representing the vast majorty of people in Britain who have opposed Britain’s involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. There will be music, film shows, performance events, art installations, and much more. We are also planning a series of rallies around the country and major cultural events in London in the run up to the mass assembly.

Join us in Trafalgar Square. Sign the pledge to be there:  – Facebook Event Click Here

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