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Boris on drugs: I took cocaine but it had no effect on me

June 4, 2007

In a characteristically colourful interview, Boris Johnson has confessed to incompetently snorting cocaine, and admitted he finds Cherie Blair sexually enticing. Speaking to former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan in GQ magazine, Mr Johnson,42, said of the cocaine episode: “I tried it at university and I remember it vividly. It achieved no pharmacological psychotropic or any other effect on me whatsoever.”

It is not the first time that the shadow education minister has admitted trying cocaine. He had previously said while appearing in the television show Have I Got News For You “I think I was once given cocaine but I sneezed and so it did not go up my nose. In fact, I may have been doing icing sugar.” Asked in the GQ interview whether any of the Class A drug went up his nose despite the sneeze, Mr Johnson responded ” It must have done, oh yes, but it didn’t do much for me I can tell you.”

He was also asked whether he had inhaled cannabis. ” There was a period before university when I had quite a few (joints). But, funnily enough, not much at university. It was jolly nice. But apparently it is very different these days, much stronger. I have become very illiberal about it. I don’t want my kids to take drugs”, said the MP who was sacked from a front-bench post by then leader Michael Howard after having an extra-marital affair exposed in Sunday paper. Asked by Mr Morgan whether he could imagine having sex with the Prime Minister’s wife, he said ” I could, yeah. No, don’t put that in! God! Not me.”

June 2, 2011

June 9, 2011

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