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  1. Yes, us 6.1 million Israeli cowards vs 14 Billion Islamo fascists. Sure. It must be hard for you to think straight since you always put the cart before the horse. Only you bigots could ever hate Jews enough to justify revising history so conveniently. Even UN knows Hizbollah initiated (that means started dumbass) hostilities in the summer 2006. If your terrorist brothers of the Hizbollah weren’t such cowards they would have fought in the open, not hide behind civilians in hospital & schools.

    It is also interesting how you defiled and crapped on your own rules of racism when you called me and my people Nazis. A people that has done more for our global society than the terrorists you defend. IRONY! All this technology did not come by magic. Much of it was exported out of the state you hate, ISRAEL. HMMM what great medical advances come out of Saudi? What great new chip comes out of Gaza? What earthshattering development to feed the hungry comes from Syria? How many tons of aid comes from Iran a year? You got ZERO! We have saved many Arabs with our lifesaving advances, Allow Muslims to diseminate their hate, like you, with the most sophisticated processors, have lessened the starvation in Africa with our amazing drip irrigation system, and have sent 80 tons of humanitarian aid just to Haiti alone after its tragedy.

    You want to justify your hatred from child birth of the Jew? You can’t. You just want to complete the work Stalin, Hitler, and Arafat started but G-d mocks your attempts while we just continue creating and being a force of good in this world. So lock out the truth from your propaganda videos. The truth is mightier than your You Tube channel with an author who is just plain HYPOCRITICAL!

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