Please share and sign this Statement of Solidarity.
I’ve met Simon many times and he is an honest and true to his word activist who gives 200% in anything he does. I stand in solidarity.

Save Lea Marshes (SLM)

The following statement has now been endorsed through consensus by Occupy London:

On Monday 18th June a two year ASBO was imposed on Simon Moore, our friend and fellow protestor at Leyton Marsh.

Like us, Simon believed that what was happening on Leyton Marsh was wrong and needed to be resisted peacefully.
Like us, Simon did not want to see a beautiful habitat and recreational space enclosed, contaminated and destroyed for a wasteful temporary facility for the Olympics.
Like us, Simon was prepared to show his opposition to this destructive land grab.
Like us, he was intimidated with the full force of the law and criminalised.
Like Simon, we do not wish to stop speaking the truth about legitimate issues around the Olympics such as environmental destruction and suspension of our human rights.
Like Simon, we will not stop peacefully protesting.
Like Simon, we will not stop speaking out about…

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