Undercover Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm to Expose London Olympics

2012 Security Workers Suspended Over Made-Up Bomb Checks

June 22, 2012

Two senior members of London 2012’s security firm have been suspended after reports suggested they didn’t carry out a number of security checks in the Olympic Park. The security workers, whose sniffer dogs were used to search for explosives during the building of the Olympic Park, are alleged to have said that they carried out security checks that never happened over a three-month period. G4S, the security company who holds the £250m security contract for London 2012, has told LBC 97.3 a full review of its canine operation is now taking place and safety and security of the venue remains their primary focus.

A statement read: “Two senior members of our dog team working on the Olympic Park have been suspended from duty while an investigation takes place into allegations of irregularities. “A full review of our canine operation on the Olympic Park is being undertaken, and if any shortcomings in the system are uncovered they will be corrected. “We take breaches of working practices extremely seriously and if our investigations reveal evidence of malpractice we will take appropriate action against those responsible. “While enquiries take place we are unable to go into further details  The safety and security of the Olympic Park remains our primary focus.”

Source = LBC News

Olympics bomb scandal

May 6, 2012

A TERRIFYING flaw in London’s Olympic Park security was exposed last night after a worker smuggled a fake BOMB inside. He sailed past TWO checkpoints without being stopped — just hours before the Olympic Stadium officially opened. These pictures show the dummy Semtex device inside a heavily-guarded ring of steel — just yards from the showpiece Olympic Stadium.

It looks like a bomb, it’s wired like a bomb and it has a timer like a bomb. But incredibly a worker carrying it in his digger was simply allowed to drive in UNCHALLENGED. This is a taste of Britain’s worst Olympic nightmare — that extremists such as al-Qaeda could stage a terror spectacular to stun the world. The Sun had earlier passed the worker the package after he called us worried about gaping security loopholes at the East London site.

Source = The Sun

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