#Georgia Sheriff and #Hiawassee Sergeant Threaten to #Arrest Each Other


Sheriff and sergeant threaten to arrest each other over concerning reason (VIDEO)

July 3rd 2022

A recent viral video of a Georgia sheriff and a sergeant threatening to arrest each other over a traffic stop raises concern about police department quotas that can lead to fatal consequences. The riff between the two officers started when Sheriff Ken Henderson intervened in a traffic stop made by Sgt. Tracy James of the Hiawassee Police Department. When Sergeant James handed the traffic citation to the driver, the Towns County sheriff asked the driver where he had commited the infraction. The driver’s response confirmed what Sheriff Henderson suspected and that’s when Sergeant James started threatening him with arrest.

I’ll arrest you right now,” Sheriff Henderson said.

After exchanging some curse words, the two officers went their individual ways, but it’s concerning that they got so heated over a traffic stop. County Attorney Robb Kiker said there’s an ongoing investigation regarding the incident, which “is a result of a broader issue.” The Towns County Sheriff’s Office and the Hiawassee Police Department have been at odds with each other over Hiawassee officers pursuing suspects outside city limits, according to 11alive.

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Watch: Georgia sheriff and city sergeant threaten to arrest each other

July 1st, 2022

HIAWASSEE, Ga. — “You get on my traffic stop again, I will arrest you!,” Sgt. Tracy James told Sheriff Ken Henderson last week at the beginning of an argument between the two north Georgia law enforcement officers. Sergeant James with the Hiawassee Police Department had just handed a traffic citation to a driver when the Towns County sheriff walked up and began asking the driver his own questions. “I’ll arrest you right now,” Sheriff Henderson responded to Sgt. James. As the sergeant tried to explain that surveillance video would show the stop began within city limits, the sheriff said, “shut your f—ing mouth!,” according to the body camera recording obtained by 11Alive Investigates from a source and through an open records request to Hiawassee Police.

Twice during the heated exchange between the two lawmen, the sheriff called the sergeant an f—boy, using a swear word. Once he was inside the patrol car and out of earshot of the sheriff, the sergeant called the sheriff a “motherf—er,” also using a swear word, according to the body-worn camera recording. A dispatcher asked if the sergeant was okay, as part of a a routine safety check during any traffic stop. “10-4,” the sergeant responded seconds after the heated exchange.

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