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British Police: News Update

Hampshire police officers sacked over ‘shameful’ language

January 8th 2021

Five officers in an elite unit caught making racist, sexist and homophobic remarks have been sacked for their “shameful” conduct. A covert bug recorded members of Hampshire police’s serious organised crime unit wishing death on foreigners, and an investigation found that part of the office where a black officer worked was called “Africa corner”. Olivia Pinkney, Hampshire’s chief constable, accepted that the disastrous episode had “undermined the trust and confidence of our communities and damaged the reputations of their colleagues”. Six officers were last month found guilty of gross misconduct. A discipline tribunal on Friday ruled that three officers who were still serving should be dismissed without notice. They are DS Oliver Lage, DS Gregory Willcox and PC James Oldfield (Also turned up to work drunk). Two who have already left the force were told they would also have been sacked if they were still serving. They are the officer in charge of the unit, retired Detective Inspector Tim Ireson, and former PC Craig Bannerman.

Detective Inspector Timothy Ireson

Detective Inspector Timothy Ireson


DS Oliver Lage

DS Oliver Lage

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Freedom of the Press in the UK? – Ofcom censors Press TV

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Iran’s Press TV loses UK licence

January 20, 2012

Iranian news network Press TV has had its licence revoked by the media regulator Ofcom and will no longer be allowed to broadcast in the UK. Ofcom said the state broadcaster’s English language outlet had breached several broadcasting licence rules over editorial control of the channel. Press TV has also failed to pay a £100,000 fine imposed last year. The channel called the decision “a clear example of censorship”. It will be removed from Sky on 20 January. The £100,000 fine was imposed last year after the network broadcast an interview with imprisoned Newsweek and Channel 4 journalist Maziar Bahari, which the Ofcom said had been conducted under duress.

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