Israeli Force Prevents Palestinian Ambulances and Sick Women Going Hospital

Hated checkpoints top list of Palestinian targets

By Phil Reeves in Jerusalem @ Friday, 22 February 2002

Palestinians say that last month, a Palestinian man, Nasar Salim Rantisi, was shot in the leg and bled to death at the checkpoint, near Ramallah, when soldiers denied him medical care. Jihad Yaghi, 23, said this week the soldiers at Ein Ariq tried to force him to crouch and creep beneath a waist-high wire, stretched across the road before allowing him to pass. “They humiliate us,” he said. “I am very happy about the attack.”

Israeli army checkpoints, universally loathed by the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza as the cause of daily humiliation and economic misery, are at the top of the target list of Palestinian armed groups.

Two days after guerrillas delivered a shattering setback to the Israeli army by killing six soldiers at a West Bank checkpoint, another gunman struck yesterday, serving notice once again that the militias are concentrating attacks on Israel’s presence inside the occupied territories. The gunman wounded two soldiers at a checkpoint near Tulkarm and was shot dead, the Israeli army said. A second Palestinian guerrilla escaped in a car.

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