“Libya unrest: Benghazi gripped by anti-Gaddafi fervour”

Almost spontaneously, the Libyan city of Benghazi has been galvanised into action. Residents have taken on the challenge of normal life just as dynamically as protesters took on Muammar Gaddafi’s toughest troops. Ayman Nas is on one of a series of committees that have sprung up. “The banks started operating, and next week hopefully the schools will start and the university,” he said. “Yesterday we tried to maintain the police department… then the security, the education. Everything will be as normal, as before.”  Zinedine is working frantically to produce placards for the protesters, mocking Col Gaddafi in a variety of languages. I asked him who organised this whirlwind of activity.  “It happened spontaneously, everything has just fitted into place. I think this is destiny, it is fate. It is a wave that is spreading, and everything is just fitting into place. It is the will of the Gods.” At a secret location, I was given access to the Voice of Free Libya. It is a makeshift radio station cobbled together after the state TV and radio headquarters was burnt down by protesters who were furious at the propaganda that used to be pumped out.

>>> Continued on Libya page <<<

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