“Gaddafi Forces ‘Bomb’ Eastern Rebel Town”

9.14am: More on the bombing of Ajdabiya – about 75km from Brega which has already been retaken – from the Associated Press:

The witnesses told The Associated Press they saw two warplanes bomb the eastern part of the town of Ajdabiya at 10am (8am GMT) local time Wednesday. They also said that pro-Gaddafi forces were advancing on the town, some 470 miles (750km) east of the capital Tripoli.

Ahmed Jerksi, manager of the Sirte oil company which runs the facility in the eastern town of Brega, said pro-Gaddafi forces retook control of the facility, south-west of Ajdabiya.


Pro-Gaddafi forces have attacked the eastern town of Ajdabiyah using warplanes and seized a nearby oil facility, reports say. Witnesses near Ajdabiyah claim two warplanes bombed the area 500 miles from Tripoli and say Colonel Gaddafi’s forces are advancing on the town. The reports come as rebels confirmed that the nearby town of Brega had been retaken by the leader’s forces after a bloody battle. “It’s true. There was aerial bombardment of Brega and Gaddafi’s forces have taken it,”said Mohamed Yousef, an officer in the town of Ajdabiyah. Colonel Gaddafi’s retaliation is the most significant since protests began in the east two weeks ago.

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